Why PIR motion detection doesn't work?

1. Please make sure the camera is NOT recording through a window. It uses infrared light to detect motions. So it doesn't work through a window like most security cameras.

2. If you place the camera on a large table and it's not placed on the edge of the table, it might also not work sometimes. Some lower half infrared light might be partly reflected by the table and make the detection sensitivity low.

3. Please also make sure there is nothing too close to the camera or covering the camera's front face. Otherwise, infrared light will be interfered. Please check the example below. The camera's infrared light is blocked by the cut cardboard covering the camera. Although the lens can still feed you live image, motion detection will never work in this situation.

4. The camera can detect the motions happening in 5 meters. If the motion happened too far away from the camera, the camera might miss some detections.

5. Just in case you didn't find the correct path to check recordings, please also read the instructions in the link below.

Check recordings in the APP

Besides, if you use the camera where has no WiFi, the camera can't know the time when detecting a motion. So the recordings will not have a timestamp and will be saved into the default date 1st January 2021 (or 31st December 2020). All the no-wifi-recordings will be saved on the default date instead of the real date.