Check recordings in APP (UBox)

1. Please click on the preview image of your camera to enter the live view interface.

2. To find your target recordings, please select the storage method (card or cloud) and the date.

The videos recorded without WiFi will be saved on the default date. For more details, please check the page below:

3. The recordings triggered by motion detections are tagged as "Activity detected". The recordings triggered by live view are tagged as "User wakeup".

You can click the download button on the left to download the important recordings to your phone.

4. If your camera is taken away and turned off by a burglar, the videos on card is no longer accessable. However, you can still get the recordings saved on cloud.

First, enter the "cloud video" tab on the bottom. And select the target camera and date.

5. Then, click the "select" button on the top left. Now you can select the target recordings and download or delete them from the cloud.

6. For the photos and videos taken in the live view interface according to your command, you can find them in your phone's default photo APP. Please allow the UBOX APP to access your phone's album/photo.

The UBOX APP will create an album named UBOX on your phone. All the images and videos you've taken manually in the APP will be stored in this album.