Solutions for not receiving notifications

1. Frist of all, please check if it's the notification's problem or the detection's problem.

You can tell if the motions are actually detected and recorded by checking the recordings in the APP. Don't forget to selecte the storage method and date when checking reocrdings.

If you find it's actually the motion detector's problem, please see the link below instead:

2. Please check your phone's settings regarding notification authorization.  Make sure that the UBox APP is allowed to send notifications to your phone. This is the most likely reason for this problem.

3. Please also check the bell icon in the APP. If there is a slash on the bell icon, the alarm function of this camera is off.

4. The alarm notification need your camera has a good internet access. You can put your camera closer to your router. If you can get the alarm only when the camera is closer to router, it means that the WiFi in the original place where you use the camera is not good enough. You can change the location of the camera or move your router closer to the destination or set up a WiFi repeater to solve the problem.

5. If you get a notification at first, but then nothing, it could be a cell phone restriction. Some cell phones don't want APPs to disturb users. So if an APP sends many notifications, the APP will be prevented from sending more. You can easily remove the restriction by clearing all previous notifications or going inside the UBox APP.