Fulltime record setting (continuous recording mode)

You can set the camera to keep recording without motion detection. Please note this function needs a micro SD card to store the videos. Cloud storage doesn't support this function. And the battery will run out fast in this mode since the camera can never sleep. More details about using a micro SD card in the camera: https://javiscam.net/pages/about-sd-card-u

Please follow the steps below to set the camera to continuous recording mode.

1. Enter the live view interface of the camera.

2. Click on the gear icon on top right.

3. Select "Recording time" setting.

4. Select "Fulltime record".

Now, the camera will keep recording whether motion happens or not. The fulltime recordings will only be saved on micro SD card.

Besides, the recording time options indicate the video length on cloud.

The video length on card will be longer than the videos on cloud.

5s on cloud - 7s on card

10s on cloud - 15s on card

20s on cloud - 30s on card

30s on cloud - 60s on card