About SD card (UBox)

This camera supports micro SD card up to 128GB in FAT32 format.

Please only insert a SD card when the camera is powered off. Because the camera will only check if a card is used when booting up.

The videos stored in micro SD card will be categorized by date. The no-wifi-recordings will be saved on the default date (1st January 2021 or 31st December 2020) instead of the real date.

Some micro SD card is not originally in the FAT32 format. You can use the APP to reset your card into FAT32. Please don't forget to backup the important data before formatting your card.

Steps to format SD card in UBox APP:

1. Turn off the camera and insert your micro SD card. The camera will only check if a card is used when booting up.

2. Turn on your camera. Open UBox APP. If you haven't made the WiFi connection to pair your UBox account with the camera yet, please make the WiFi connection before the following steps.

3. Please click on the preview image of your camera to enter the live view interface.

4. Please click on the setting button on top right (the gear icon) to enter the setting interface.

5. Select the "memory card" tab.

6. Then, you can find the "format" button in the "memory card" interface.

Please restart (not reset) the camera after a format.

7. You can set the length of the motion detection videos stored in the card. Please check the link below for more details.