Radar motion detector (UBox)

1. The camera uses radar to detect motions. So, it can work through a window.

2. Once a motion is captured by the motion detector, the camera will wake up in 2 seconds and make a new recording.

To store the motion detection recordings, please use a micro SD card in the camera or subscribe to cloud storage in the UBOX APP.

3. The camera can detect the motions happening in 10 meters (or 8 meters through a window). If the motion happened too far away from the camera, the camera might miss some detections.

4. If you find unusual phenomena like false alerts or missing alerts, please get in touch with our customer service email.

Besides, if you use the camera with no WiFi (for WiFI cameras) / 4G signal (for 4G cameras), the camera can't know the time when detecting a motion. So the recordings will not have a timestamp and will be saved into the default date of 1st January 2021 (or 31st December 2020). All the no-wifi-recordings will be saved on the default date instead of the real date.