Data recharge for C1/M2 - US

Only for customers who buy a 4G Mini Camera in the United States.

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Use the SIM card that comes with the camera:

  • The original SIM card has a small amount of data for you to set up and check the camera.
  • You can recharge the SIM card after setup in the UBOX APP.
  • Or you can recharge on the EIOTCLUB official website.
  • Or you can recharge on our official website to get a 20% discount. We will process the data recharge in 24 hours on working days after payment.

Use your own SIM cards:

  • To use your own SIM cards, please send the UID of your 4G mini camera to our email for a free remote upgrade.
  • You can find the UID on the back of your camera. Or you can find it in the UBOX APP after setup.
  • Please restart the camera if put a new SIM card in.


  • The 4G mini camera you bought in the United States works with all local US SIM cards.
  • We can't guarantee the camera works with SIM cards outside of the United States. Because there are too many network providers in the world in different countries. And we are not able to compatible with all of them.
  • But, you can give it a try. Usually, it works.