Camera shows offline or blackscreen

1. Check if your phone already approves the APP to use mobile data and WiFi. If the APP doesn't have this authorization, the APP can't access the camera via internet.

2. Bring your camera closer to the WiFi router. See if the image shows up again in the APP when the camera is closer to the router. The camera needs strong WiFi to ensure its access to the internet. If the camera is far away from the router, the WiFi connection might be poor and unstable.

3. If bringing the camera closer to the router doesn't work, please use your phone to check if your WiFi router works fine or not. Sometimes the router itself might temporarily disconnect with the internet. Please also check if the WiFi name or password is changed.

4. There is a small chance that your phone or the router has run out of cache. In this case, the APP can't get enough room on your phone to show the images. Simply restart (not reset) your phone or the router will automatically clear all the unimportant cache.

5. Some WiFi router brands (like Fritz!Box) has both 2.4G and 5G networks under a same WiFi name (SSID) by default. In this case, the connection might failed if the router provide 5G network as priority. Even if you made the connection successfully, the camera might suffer from offline problems at random times.

Please check the link below to make sure your router is set correctly to prevent the problem.

6. It's also possible your camera just ran out of power. Please try to charge it for an hour and restart it.

7. If your camera has a red light solid on, it means the camera failed to connect to the WiFi due to a configuration problem. It's very likely the WiFi name/password has been changed recently, or there are any special settings made for this WiFi recently. Please check your WiFi router management system to confirm the information.