Night vision problem

The camera use infrared light to provide night vision in dark environment like most of security cameras.

The infrared lights are hidden behind the camera's front face. So, please make sure the camera is not facing a window. Otherwise, the infrared light will not work as expected. Please also make sure there is nothing covering the camera itself. Anything too close to the camera front face will also make the infrared light not working.

For the same reason, if the camera is placed in a very narrow space, you might also get a blurry white image at night.

There is also a small chance that the camera is set to daylight only mode. Please check the instruction in the link below for switching among daylight only, night vision only, and automate night vision.

Night vision manual control

Please don't cover the camera's front face.

Lens is for providing images.

Light sensor is for automatical switch between day and night vision.

PIR sensor is for detecting motions.

And the IR lights for providing black & white images are hidden behind the front shell on the left and right

Example 1: camera facing a window in the dark.

Example 2: camera palced in a narrow space.