1. The indicator light is on the back of the camera. During the 4G setup process, please ensure the blue light is solid on before you scan the QR code.

2. If the blue light keeps flashing after powering on for a minute, it means the camera can't find a good 4G signal in this position. Please change the location to use this camera. Usually, outdoors will have better signals than indoors.

There might be no signal in forests, deep mountains, and on the sea. Please use the camera where a good 4G signal is available.

3. If the camera has the blue light and the red light on at the same time (looks like a purple light), it means the camera has an APN (Access Point Name) problem.

Usually, the APP will pop up an APN process to help you solve the problem.

4. If the camera has the blue light and the red light flashes alternately, it means there is some problem with the SIM card.

Maybe the SIM card is out of data, or not activated, or damaged. Please contact us for help in this case.

5. Just in case you didn't find the correct path to check recordings, please also read the instructions in the link below.

Check recordings in the APP

Besides, if you buy the camera on Amazon.com (United States) and you want to use your own SIM card, please email us. If you buy the camera somewhere else (like Europe or Asia), you can use your own SIM card directly.